Robin Williamson
The Iron Stone

CD, ecm1969, EAN 0602498764411 / DX2
Jazz, Rec. 9/2005, ECM Records

Williamson, R. vocals, celtic harp, Mohan Vina chinese flute, whistles, tabwrdd drum, Mat Maneri viola, hardanger fiddle, Barre Phillips double bass, Ale Möller mandola, accordion, shawm, clarino, natural flutes, drone flutes, whistles, jaw harps

  1. The Climber
  2. Sir Patrick Spens
  3. Wyatt's Song of Reproach
  4. There Is A Music
  5. Even Such Is Time
  6. The Iron Stone
  7. The Badger
  8. Political Lies
  9. The Yellow Snake
  10. Loftus Jones
  11. Bacchus
  12. The Praises of the Mountain Hare
  13. To God In God's Absence
  14. Verses at Ellesmere
  15. Henceforth

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