Niggenkemper, Pascal
Look With Thine Ears

CD, CF324, EAN 5609063003246 / CSL
Jazz, 2014, Clean Feed

Pascal Niggenkemper b

  1. Look with thine ears
  2. This shall not be revoked
  3. If you will marry, make your love to me
  4. Men of stone
  5. At fortune's alms
  6. Let me kiss yoru hand
  7. Let me wipe it first, it smells of mortality
  8. Unpublished virtues of the Earth
  9. Sharper than a serpent's tooth
  10. Be this perpetual
  11. Blow wind and crack your cheeks
  12. Let the fork invade the region of my heart
  13. Let me still remain the true blank of thine eye