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Zur schönen Aussicht
Willkommen Zuhause

CD, RS031, EAN 4250459990315 / DX
Jazz, © 1996, WhyPlayJazz

Paul Berberich (sax), Joachim Wespel (git), Florian Lauer (dr)

...the playing is telepathic and the many pieces mesh delightfully. The website mentions that this was a recording of first takes - good energy coming from high stakes! There is a lot to hear, here! Free Jazz Blog

  1. Schwingen ohne Club
  2. Kritische Masse
  3. Pseudohalluzination 12
  4. Schweben
  5. Essenz
  6. Wer mit wem?
  7. Exit all areas
  8. Phlegma und enge
  9. Mutationoitatum
  10. Herbstlicht