Fritz Feger / tribute to Burt Bacharach
The Very Idea Of Love

CD, nrw4016, EAN 4025083240163 / CSL
Jazz, © 2016, Import Label

Feger, F. vocals, bass, arrangements w/ Christoph Busse piano, Michael Verhovec drums, Henning Vater violin, Jan Eckel violin, Raliza Nikolov violin, Mathias Feger violin, Anke Dieterle cello

  1. The last one to be loved
  2. Are you there
  3. Anyone who had a heart
  4. A house is not a home
  5. Walk On By
  6. Just don't know what to do with myself
  7. Alfie
  8. This guy is in love with you
  9. The Look Of Love
  10. Looking with my eyes
  11. In between the heartaches