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Archie Shepp
Fire Music to Mama Too Tight revisited

CD, ezz1136, EAN 0752156113621 / DX2
Jazz, 1966/2022 Label: Ezz-Thetics, Ezz-Thetics

Shepp, A. tenor sax w/ Track 1,2,3,4 Marion Brown as, Ted Curson tp, Joseph Orange tb, Reggie Johnson b, Joe Chambers dr / Track 5 David Izenzon b, J.C. Moses dr / Track 6,7,8,9 Perry Robinson cl, Tommy Turrentine tp, Grachan Moncure III tb, Roswell Rudd tb, Howard Johnson tuba, Charlie Haden b, Beaver Harris dr

  1. Hambone
  2. Los olvidados
  3. Prelude to a kiss
  4. The girl from Ipanema
  5. Malcolm, Malcolm, semper Malcolm
  6. A portrait of Robert Thompson (as a young man)
  7. Mama too tight
  8. Theme from Ernie
  9. Basheer

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