Michael Mantler
Hide And Seek

CD, ecm1738, EAN 0731454961226 / DX2
Jazz, rec. Februar-September 2000, ECM Records

Mantler, M. trumpets, comp,, Paul Auster words w/ Robert Wyatt voice, Roger Jannotta flute, oboe, clarinets, Martin Cholewa french horn, Vincent Nilsson trombones, Bjarne Roupé guitars, Susi Hyldgaard voice, Tineke Noordhoek vibraphone, marimba, Per Salo piano, Marianne Sørensen violins, Mette Winther violas, Helle Sørensen cellos

  1. Unsaid [1]
  2. What Did You Say?
  3. Unsaid [2]
  4. It's All Just Words
  5. If You Have Nothing To Say
  6. Unsaid [3]
  7. What Do you See?
  8. Absolutely Nothing
  9. Unsaid [4]
  10. What Can We Do?
  11. Unsaid [5]
  12. It All Have To End Sometime
  13. Unsaid [6]
  14. I Don't Deny It
  15. I'm Glad You're Glad
  16. Do You Think We'll Ever Find It?
  17. It Makes No Difference To Me

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