Christian Wallumrod
No Birch (Trio) / kl. Restbestand

CD, ECM1628, EAN 0731453734425 / EX
Jazz, Recorded 11/1996, ECM Records

Wallumrød, Christian Trio w/ Arve Henriksen

  1. No Birch: She Passes The House Of Her Grandmother
  2. No Birch: The Birch 1
  3. No Birch: Royal Garden
  4. No Birch: Somewhere East
  5. No Birch: Travelling - a. Far East - b. Slow brook - c. I Lost My Heart In Moscow
  6. No Birch: The Birch 2
  7. No Birch: Ballimaran
  8. No Birch: Watering
  9. No Birch: Before Church
  10. No Birch: The Birch 3
  11. No Birch: Two Waltzing, One Square And Then
  12. No Birch: Fooling Around
  13. No Birch: The Gardener
  14. No Birch: The Birch 4

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