Stephan Micus

CD, ecm1897, EAN 0602498188118 / DX2
Jazz, rec. 2001-2004, ECM Records

Micus, S. bagana, Tibetan chimes, kyeezee, sho, voice, maung, tin whistle, Bavarian zither, Thai singing bowl, dilruba, nay, Tibetan cymbals, dondon, bowed bagana, Balinese gongs, Burmese gongs

  1. Narration One And The Master's Question
  2. The Temple
  3. Narration Two
  4. The Monk's Answer
  5. Narration Three
  6. The Master's Anger
  7. Narration Four
  8. The Monk's Question
  9. The Sky
  10. The Master's Answer

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